Who is your target mail marketing audience? Advance Mailing Services provides reliable and up-to-date targeted marketing lists for local or national businesses, consumers, and specialty lists.  We merge and sort multiple lists and eliminate duplicated data by person, address, or household. Do you have your own list? We provide secure database storage and backup, so your information is always safe with us.

Business Data

Higher turnover rates for businesses and other factors in a fluid business environment make it difficult to get accurate business lists.  Advance Mailing Services performs extensive research and partners with the most dependable database resources available. And we are NCOA certified, so we stand behind our business mailing lists with guarantee of 85% deliverability.

Consumer and Occupant Data

Advance Mailing Services partners with Acxiom, who double verifies all information, updates databases monthly, and completely refreshes their entire database every 60 days.  This consistent maintenance and high quality consumer data is why we can confidently guarantee deliverability rates of at least 90%.