Certain colored paper does not meet the background reflectance requirement for automated processing. These colors include all dark colors, such as holiday-style red and green, and the darker florescent colors. Colors that work well are white and pastel colors. If you have a question about a color that you’d like to use, we can bring a sample to the mail piece design supervisor for review.

Paper Weight Recommendations:

Single Tri-Folded Sheet: A minimum paper weight of 28 pounds


If the mail piece is to be folded(bi-fold or tri-fold), it must be designed so that the fold is at the bottom and the tab(s) can be placed at the top

Tabs must be the permanent type, not removable

Envelopes for Sealing:

If we are going to seal stuffed envelopes, be sure that the flaps are down so they can run through the machine properly. An extra charge will apply to fold the flaps down.

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