Direct Mail Facts

  • 98% of consumers bring their mail in the day it is delivered
  • 77% of consumers sort through their mail immediately
  • 81% of people who sort through the mail are also the person who manages household finances.

There are 3 main ingredients in a direct mail campaign

  1. The Mailing List
    1. Customer List
    2. Purchased Mailing List
    3. Combination
  2. The Marketing Materials
    1. Postcard
    2. Letter
    3. Brochure
  3. The Offer
    1. Irresistible to Potential Buyer
    2. Free Bonus

Move Update Requirements

NCOA (National Change of Address) to the rescue. All addresses must be checked!

Address – a specific address associated with a specific occupant name

Reduces number of mailpieces that require forwarding, returning or disposing.

Requires periodic matching (every 95 days) of addresses to NCOA.

Required for letter size and flat size mail.


Direct Mail VS. Email

98% – Mail is invited into the home like no other advertising medium.

77% – Mail gets into the hands of potential customer fast.

Results based on survey by InnoMedia

  • 56% of Americans say receiving mail is a pleasure
  • 67% of Americans feel that traditional mail is more personal than email
  • Direct mail is favorably received by young consumers because it is tangible. i.e. Looking through a catalog
  • Use direct mail when your objective is to saturate a geographic area or radius with an appropriately personal and relevant message. Can’t saturate an area with opt-in email lists.
  • Use direct mail to market to seniors
  • 66% said that mail is more private that email.
  • 68% also believe that mail is more secure than email.
  • Direct mail can be designed to be memorable in appearance – it sticks around longer and often gets passed along to others. (Email normally prints out on 8.5×11 and gets lost in the shuffle.

Direct Marketing Campaign

  1. Determine who your ideal customer is for your product/service. Use these demographics. If you mail to people not interested, it wastes your time and money.
  2. Quality of your mail piece will be based on your budget.
  3. FREE is the most important word. The Offer must have a high perceived value. Example: A construction company could offer a report entitled “5 Traps to Avoid When Building a House” Call or mail back reply card.